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Four ways to get Scholarships & Prizes

1) Scholarships for Sent-up Toppers

50% and 25% scholarships are awarded to school sent-up toppers and second toppersrespectively. This scheme is for only 200 students on first-come-first-basis. Students must bring their sent-up results duly attestedby the Principals of their schools.

2) Scholarships through INTEL Tests 
INTEL Institute holds three Scholarship Tests over a period of three weeks from thecommencement of the Bridge Course.The test questions relate to prescribed English, Science, Mathematics, and GK norms. Sample questions for this test can be collected from the INTEL office.

Only those students who enroll at INTEL are eligible to sit for these Scholarship Tests.  Regular Bridge Course students can appear only in one of these similar Scholarship Tests held on three different dates. Students must clearly indicate their choice of date ofthe Scholarship Test at the time of their registration.

Scholarships are awarded to the top five rankers in each of three Scholarship Tests.

Rank Course Fee Waiver
1st 100%
2nd 80%
3rd 60%
4th 40%
5th 25%


3) Saturday Model Test Prize

We offer CASH PRIZES to the top ten meritorious students of each INTEL Saturday Model Test.

These PRIZES fully motivate our students to study even harder during the Bridge Course and greatly encourage them to strive for recognition by dedicated hard work and to toil for excellence by practicing constantly.

By fostering healthy competition in an appropriate academic setting, these PRIZES strengthen students’ foundational knowledge, hone their educational skills, build up their self-confidence, and, eventually, help them to compete most effectively in the actual Entrance Exams.

4) Final Examination Prize

Bridge Course students who come 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the INTEL Final Examination will be awarded.

Rank Award


2 Rs.5000/-
3 Rs.3000/-




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