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Advantages of studying at INTEL

Learn from the best teachers.

Our faculty members are highlyqualified, very experienced, and totallycommitted established professionals who havebeen teaching in the top most colleges and universities of Nepal. They ensure thatteaching is motivating, effective, and success-oriented.

Benefit from our teaching methodology.

We insist upon the most result-effectiveteaching methodology, which encourages students to ask questions, clear their doubts, and discuss key topicswith the concerned teachers.Our course structure includesclass instruction, lab practice, regular home assignments, testing & evaluation, and group discussions.

Get ample free study materials

The Bridge Course study materials are simple, precise, and practical. They are used by students average, good, excellent – with great benefit. These excellent study materials, freely distributed to our students, are continually revised and meticulously updated by our experts before every session.

Our study materials comprise:

  • Study Books: Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, and Mathematics
  • Entrance Prep Books: Science, Mathematics, and English
  • Software: CDs with more than 3000 FAQs for entrance exam preparation

Prepare to be successful throughTests & Exams.

The Institute conducts a very large number of carefullydesigned and strictly managed snap tests,classroom tests, and weekly model tests onSaturdays. There is a finalexamination at the end of the Course.

The examination questions are based on frequently asked questionsand topics covered in the actual entrance tests. They are set also keeping in mind the latest trends andprobable questions for upcoming entrance exams. Our experts work systematicallythroughout the year to prepare and analyze these questionsand the best possible answers.

Appraise yourlearning from accurate evaluation.

Through evaluation is conducted after each test or examinationand the progress report of the same is sent to the concerned parentor guardian. Students, too, are suitably counseled. When foundnecessary, special classes are given to eradicate weaknesses andto strengthen performance.

Develop your personality.

Our students greatly enjoy the Personality Development Program coupled with exhaustive Career Counseling as an additional feature of the Bridge Course. Devised by educators, psychologists, and associated professionals of acclaim, these lectures and activities prove tremendously beneficial to our students.

The Program dwells chiefly on areas closely related to the personality development of INTEL students with a view to enhance their educational proficiency. These areas cover personal grooming and hygiene, good manners, mobile etiquette, overcoming laziness, time management, fine qualities, and goal setting.

Utilize our counseling services.

We provide proper guidance and timely counseling to studentswho wish to advance their academic career in the best Science andManagement colleges. Today, as a consequence of INTEL’s contribution,a large number of our students are studying at St Xavier's Campus,
Budhanilkantha School, SOS, and other far-famed colleges.

We also provide regular counseling services to our students whoappear in the admission tests and interviews conducted by muchacclaimed colleges and higher secondary schools. We also guide them how to apply for and to obtain scholarshipsunder different schemes floated by different collegiate institutions.

We counsel our students to clarifymatters connected with higher education, targeted admissions,gainful scholarships, and even career pathways.

Take part in contests and win prizes.

The Institute believes that curricular performance is encouraged and accelerated by carefully monitored complementary co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Accordingly, we organize the following CONTESTS:

  • Essay Contests: English and Nepali
  • Sport: Table Tennis and Basket Ball
  • Game: Chess
Write your own magazine.

INTELLESCOPE, the INTEL Bridge Course Magazine, an importantextra-curricular, activity is another feature which in largehelps in the academic development of students.

Such creative writing, compilation, and publishingpromote the scholastic abilities and the creativity of ouryoung, keen students. The sort of editorial worknecessitated by this semi-literary venture inculcates criticalappreciation, team spirit, youth leadership, andmanagerial skills.

Notably, this magazine informs students about availableacademic and career opportunities.

All these advantages will help you to gain self-confidence and to get admission to the college of your desire!


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