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A World of Scholastic Competition!

We all remember our first day at INTEL when we had one of the greatest experiences of our young lives. Here, we realized we had truly entered the world of scholastic competition . . .

Why do good students prefer INTEL? This Institute gives the best opportunity to bridge the gap between SLC and +2 or an equivalent level. Its teachers are extremely proficient and most caring. Significantly, the committed, and courageous, INTEL management held these crucial classes perfectly during the ongoing tremors after the devastating April 2015 earthquake.

This is to express my deep thanks to, and admiration for, this leading Bridge Course institution and to recommend strongly that every sincere student must join INTEL after the SLC exams to prepare successfully for tough college entrance tests.

Haricha Aryal
School : Nava Jyoti

College : SOS

The Perfect Environment

Undoubtedly, INTEL provided me the perfect environment I was looking for post-SLC. We got a valuable glimpse of +2 education and effectively revised whatever we had learned up to Class 10.

The Bridge Course served as a perfect formula for our academic success and assured our entry into the colleges of our choice - for me St. Xavier's! All in all, the delicate transitional period after high school that I spent at this top institute will surely bear fruit in the years to come .

Abhinit Anand
School: VS Niketan
College: St. Xavier's

Top Management

Being a part of INTEL, I think I truly utilized my long holidays after the SLC examination in the best possible manner. In my opinion, it is the paramount Institution in Nepal for post-SLC students that provides excellent, well-managed courses for spending our free time advantageously.

With its well-equipped infrastructure and well-facilitated teaching-learning methodology, INTEL gives students appropriate, concentrated knowledge for passing any entrance exam of any college. The institution, managed by a superb acclaimed team, encourages enriching relations among students, and others, within a strict circle of positive discipline and academic productivity.

Choosing the INTEL Bridge Course for entrance exam preparation, and success, is obviously a superlative decision!

Sudikshya Panta
School: LRI

Prepare for a Bright Future

INTEL offers just the Bridge Course post-SLC students require for further studies in reputed colleges. This Course not only prepares us for our + 2 studies, but also ensures our success in difficult entrance exams.

Here at INTEL, we are prepared for a bright future through wonderful educational exposure alongside guidance and motivation. Importantly, there are great opportunities to meet really bright people - students or teachers. Indeed, INTEL has given me life-long memories.

Despite so many ads and so many choices, I decided to choose INTEL and have no regrets whatsoever. In fact, all I have is huge thanks to this premier institute for my personal success! So, I suggest: 'Join the INTEL Bridge Course after your SLC exam.'

Nirakar Sapkota
School: LA
College: St. Xavier

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