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The very name INTEL is sufficient for students to find the institute that delivers remarkable results and gets students the placements they seek. Indubitably, INTEL is the finest institute for bridge courses and entrance preparation after SLC. 

INTEL is a strong bridge based on a solid foundation of effective management, experienced teaching, and competent staffing. It provides a superb environment where teachers and staff members are positive factors in your assured educational progress. I think it is the best place to develop your educational, and psychological, potential in a very short period. 

As a teaching professional committed to students first and foremost, I promise you that you won’t regret it after taking classes here; I’m sure you’ll never forget it after gaining entry in the college of your choice. So, without any doubt, you ought to join INTEL! 

Kanchan Sharma

INTEL provides an unparalleled learning environment for those students who wish to pursue qualitative higher education. 

The Institute emphasizes integrity, responsibility, and self-awareness and helps students develop their knowledge and creativity. Its highly qualified and dedicated teachers give students the best chance to achieve their best. 

Welcome to this institute of institutes!

Lela Subedi

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