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The USA, UK, and Australia outstrip all other countries when it comes to further education. Formal education there is qualitative and practical. It also offers research programs for students. Moreover, students benefit greatly through their exposure to western culture as can be seen clearly in their educational and career development. This attraction, of the US, above all, is not lost on students in the developing world, especially Nepal. Thus, the greatest wish of the Nepalese student is to study there.


To study abroad, it is essential to be properly counseled. INTEL offers counseling to any student wanting to study in a foreign institution. Our overseas studies department handles students who are interested in going only to the USA, UK, or Australia.


We assist students to identify possibilities for scholarships/financial assistance to help them study abroad through it is usually difficult to obtain these in the normal course. Still, as we have seen, a fair amount of success does come if we follow up things persistently and systematically.

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