Resposibility Rights Discipline Exam Instructions
Code of Conduct

The INTEL Code of Conduct based on strict discipline comprises the following Responsibilities which allow students to learn and teachers to teach:

  • Be polite.
  • Behave in a dignified manner.
  • Be truthful, laborious, and reliable.
  • Respect differences - talent, ethnicity, race, or gender.
  • Meet classroom expectations, contribute to classroom learning, and never be disruptive.
  • Exhibit mature behavior and protect institutional or other students' property.
  • Look after the environment of INTEL by not littering or spitting or vandalizing its property.
  • Promote INTEL positively.

Students' Rights
All students have special rights which help them achieve well in peace. These include following rights:
  • To be happy.
  • To be well-treated.
  • To learn and interact.
  • To be treated as special individuals.
  • To be proud of achieving.
  • To live in a pleasant, egalitarian, well-ordered environment.
  • To be safe from harm bullying and harassment.
  • INTEL ensures that everything is done


Discipline is the bedrock of social, institutional, and individual excellence. Living ethically and contributing positively to society - people or institutions - demands self-discipline, self-respect, and respect for the rights and property of others. The high standards of attitude and behavior along with personal appearance which students of INTEL Institute are expected to maintain within the Institute and in society assist them to develop themselves greatly despite their short stay with us. Notwithstanding the high expectations we have from our students, the consequences for breaking our rules are proportionate to the nature and seriousness of the misdemeanor and are invariably administered carefully and justly without delay.

Suspension or Expulsion

It may be necessary under extremely serious conditions for parents or guardians to be asked to remove their wards from INTEL for a limited period, or even permanently. This step is taken only as a last resort and after the deepest consideration. Only the Program Coordinator, INTEL Bridge Course, can remove or expel a student. The Administrator INTEL can authorize suspension, where necessary. Smoking, Drinking Alcohol, or Consuming Drugs Any Bridge Course student who uses tobacco or alcohol (or is under the influence of alcohol) while at INTEL, or makes such banned material available for use by other INTEL Institute students will be suspended, or even expelled. INTEL has a zero-tolerance policy about smoking, drinking, and drug consumption. Acceptance of this policy by parents, guardians and students is a prerequisite for enrolment at our institute.

Dress & Grooming

The purpose of the Student Dress & Grooming Guidelines is to foster a focused learning environment without any distraction with particular emphasis on cleanliness, neatness, modesty, and self-respect. Students are expected to adhere to these guidelines in letter and spirit for their own benefit.


Male students must wear their hair well-trimmed. Ladies should refrain from outlandish hairstyles. Clothes must be clean, neat, and free of rips, tears or fraying. Clothes, especially T-Shirts, should not be gaudy or bear improper designs or text. Clothing must not be excessively tight or excessively baggy.

General Rules & Regulations

INTEL institute maintains strict Rules & Regulations relating to academics, time
management, and discipline. They apply to ALL enrolled students at INTEL.
1. Students have to attend classes regularly and punctually in decent attire.
2. Students must maintain strict discipline inside the classrooms, within INTEL premises, and while traveling to and fro INTEL.
3. Students need to use absolutely correct language and to behave perfectly.
4. Students are required to maintain total silence in the corridors outside their classrooms and elsewhere in the INTEL building.
5. Students should not make undue noise or indulge in unruly or unbecoming behavior during the class breaks or while waiting for their teachers for the next classes.

Exam Instructions

1. Reach the Exam Room in time.
2. Take your ID Card with you.
3. Bring your own stationery (such as pen, graph paper, and instruments box).
4. Keep your personal belongings (such as bags and books) in the marked area.
5. Sit on your given seats.
6. Ensure mobile phones, and any other electronic devices are switched off. Any candidate who does not switch off his or her cell phone or who uses such devices, will be disqualified.
7. Write your Name and ID Number on the sheets provided.
8. Choose the best possible answer and cross mark it.
9. Use the separate copy provided for rough work.
10. Maintain total silence.
11. You must NOT

  • Impersonate another INTEL student or allow another student (or person) impersonate you.
  • Attempt to cheat, copy the work of another candidate, or disrupt the Test. Talk to or disturb other candidates in the exam hall, especially once the examination has started.
  • Remove any materials used during the examination.
  • Leave your seat or the Exam Room without the consent of the Invigilator.
12. Raise your hands for any help in case of submitting answer copies, going to the rest room, drinking water or sickness.
13. Leave the Exam Room only after your answer copies are collec collected.
14. Please don't re-enter the Exam Room once you've exited.