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Evaluate Your Capability

To utilize the long gap between SEE and +2 or A Levels, doing a Bridge Course is certainly a great plan! INTEL is where you'll find a well-organized system to attain needed knowledge, get guidelines, and become disciplined. That's why there are so many students who actually study at this institute. Their teachers are extremely competent. They tutor students to answer all types of expected questions. You'll learn not only how to study but also to assess your aptitude, skills, and abilities. Once-a-week pragmatic tests help judging your proficiency accurately. INTEL is a successful pathway. So, choose your target college and get a scholarship there!

Aman Ghimire

School: LA
College: St. Xavier's

Shape Your Present

INTEL shapes our present and future! Academically, it's a wonderful experience. Its experienced teachers' team with fantastic classes, strict discipline keeping us from distraction, and pleasant classroom milieu motivate us to learn unhindered. Weekly scholarship & model tests truly help in entrance preparation. Here, we do utilize our time perfectly post-SEE. The Course made a proper base for my further education and therefore boosted my morale. Importantly, its sports week is most refreshing and energizes us to compete. Got a wonderful opportunity to express myself the way I am! Proud to be an Intellian, I'll always cherish the memories of my ten weeks. Thanks INTEL

Chhimi Dolkar Tamang

School: Triyog
College: St. Xavier’s / SOS
INTEL Essay Topper (English)

A Great Period!

It's always incredible being at INTEL Institute! Its extremely informative science course is just superb, and I really like their teaching pattern and congenial environment. Weekly model tests inspire students to study concentradedly to get better marks. Politeness, care, and helpfulness mark its teachers, coordinators, and staff. Here, discipline matters, especially punctuality. This institution makes post-SEE students really eligible for higher studies. Strengthening our school learning, the knowledge we acquire is really beneficial. Being a part of INTEL makes me feel great, and this thought motivates me to become more effective in whatever I attempt. Credit goes to this place for shaping me so well.

Trishan Shrestha

School: LRI
College: St. Xavier’s / SOS
INTEL Essay Topper (English)

Best Entrance Preparation

This is the best institute for entrance preparation. We are provided much study material that's vital for entrance exams and later studies. Post-SEE students ought to join INTEL because it makes +2 far easier. Committed and responsive, teachers, who share their invaluable experiences, fully motivate us to study hard to do well. Apart from key tests organized every Saturday – the best method for preparing us thoroughly for tough competition, they conduct regular, varied, enriching extracurricular & co-curricular activities. Really, the time I spent here was most useful. I made many lasting friends and learned the value of self-discipline through the strict rules they follow scrupulously

Sudhanshu Pd Yadav

School: New English BS
College: SOS

Effective Environment

Remarkable is how their management team has created a truly effective environment for teachinglearning! Because of it, we're able to learn considerably. Classes running in this institute are very interactive where students are able to utilize their precious time most efficiently while gaining essential knowledge about different topics in important subject areas. Alongside academics, we're provided a setting which is just right for intellectual growth and also for talent-realization through self-expression. Personally, I got to explore myself here. Motivation is their norm, and guidance to choose the right path their commitment. INTEL's a vital transit point in our lives. Joining it was my wisest decision!

Jessica Dhungana

School: Bhanubhakta Memorial
College: Budhanilkantha

Compete Successfully

Unquestionably, the atmosphere of this place is unique. Literally, the academic competition you face here is not only that generated in the Institute but that of the whole of Nepal with top students trying to prove their calibre on their own . . . You will meet people whose attributes, experiences, and lifestyles are admirable! You will actually get to know how much you need to prepare yourself for real competition – the tough entrance exams of reputed +2 or A Level colleges – and get rid of your drawbacks. I will never forget those 75-minute tests which yield so much. It's really worthwhile investing your time & energy here.

Abhijeet KC

School: SVI
College: St. Xavier’s / SOS

A Great Experience!

Well, I'm absolutely sure that INTEL has been most beneficial to me. At first, when I'd thought of doing a Bridge Course, many of my relatives and peers told me about this institute….INTEL was truly a great experience! And I must express my heartfelt thanks for all that INTEL did for me. The teachers, staff, and all other members of this institute were a great support for my further studies. And I hope that in the days to come this institute will be even more successful. All the very best for the new students joining INTEL where success will certainly be their award!

Aakriti Pandey

SLC Board Topper 2068
School: Om Secondary School

The Best Institute of Nepal

For me, the Bridge Course has been a huge support for my college studies. INTEL Institute is one of the best institutes of Nepal; it certainly helps students awaiting Grade 10 (SEE) results to boost their academic capability. I found that this Institute provides a stage for post-school students to explore themselves greatly. It uplifts their self-confidence and helps them to come to grips with the courses of Grade XI. No wonder I have done so well in my college studies! Overall, I can say without any doubt, that INTEL is clearly the best institute in Nepal for the Bridge Course. Hope it will prosper all the more and continue to change the lives of many other post-SEE students just as it has changed my life so admirably . . . So, keep it up INTEL!! I'll never forget you.

Dristi Giri

SLC Board Girls Topper 2070
School: Occidental Public School

Fabulous Moments

The three months that I spent at INTEL were the most fabulous moments of my life post-SLC. Along with widening the horizon of my knowledge, I also gathered many valuable memories for the rest of my life. This Institute provided me with the right platform to showcase my talents. Along with getting to know many wellreputed and experienced teachers, I also tied knots of friendship with many brilliant youngsters of my age. Importantly, I got a true glimpse of what is possible in my life ahead through what I learned at INTEL.

Sanjog Karki

SLC Board Boys Topper 2070
School: Reliance International

A Very Special Place

INTEL occupies a very special place in my memory. Why? The institute run by a top educational group offers a wellmaintained educative environment that yields top results. Intellians alone crowd the entrance exam lists in the country and have literally been doing so since decades. The teachers are unimaginably well-trained and the MCQs they provide are the best in Nepal. Regularly-held, thorough Saturday tests help us discover our strengths and weaknesses for building our scholastic abilities outside formal schooling in this important break between high school and college.

Deechit Poudel

SLC Board Topper 2071
School: Valley View English School

Choose INTEL

The INTEL Bridge Course is a beautiful and successful academic journey post-SEE. Teachers and students closely interact exchanging ideas and clarifying doubts. Cooperative and sincere, the INTEL team makes this Course most rewarding. Clearly, this Institute is where the entire student community should be before they can get into the colleges of their choice. Just as I studied here, I hope all serious-minded post-SEE candidates get the chance to be at INTEL. Of course, for me its teaching was valuable: We get qualitative inputs alongside joyous entertainment. It made me a better student – focused yet patient. The Institute shapes you for college life. I'm really happy that I chose INTEL!

Amrit Gyawali

Intel Final Exam Topper
School – Next Generation Academy
College – St. Xavier's

Lucky Opportunity

Opportunity, diversity, and competition define INTEL. Of these, lucky opportunities for the huge number of students studying here are assured. Learning new things and getting deep knowledge are guaranteed to all who join. Excellent infrastructure and qualified teachers make it certainly the finest institute in not only Kathmandu but the whole of Nepal. Personally, I was most lucky doing its Bridge Course. With INTEL's great support, I got top marks in my Entrance Exam. While learning so much amidst the best students, surprisingly I could also make many friends from nearly all districts of Nepal. Thanks INTEL Institute for what I got in a short period of just 10 weeks!

Samikshya Basnet

School – Triyog
College – St. Xavier's

Fun & Inspiration

Invariably, it is much fun and huge inspiration for anybody to be at INTEL Institute. This premier institution has been striving most successfully over the last twenty-three years to build up youngsters both as book-loving students and wise teenagers with an understanding of real life. It's an immense pleasure joining the illustrious INTEL Family. As far as I go, I got to learn many things. A wonderful time in my life, INTEL taught me to be self-disciplined, active, and happy. For almost any student, this indeed is the best place after school. Truly, you'll get all the attention, love, and care you need at this crucial period in your life!

Nisha Bishowakrma

School: Shree Mansingh Dharma
College: St. Xavier's / Budhanilkantha / SOS

Learn & Develop

Most people hold that INTEL Institute does a great job by sharing academic knowledge and promoting practical education. It prepares students fully for their near future – college life. Instruction here is intensive – focused and concise – yet easy enough for the young eager minds who step into this reputed centre for learning. What is really admirable is how they teach and what they give so quickly and so effectively. Significantly, INTEL nurtures fine personal and scholastic qualities in its students because of its fantastic environment especially due to toppers doing its prized Bridge Course. Due to all these inputs, I've been able to tackle my problems and have become totally self-reliant!

Anunaya Gartaula

School – Bhanubhakta Memorial College – St. Xavier's (A Levels) 2019

Extra Knowledge!

One thing is clear to most parents and guardians: Almost all good students in different parts of Nepal feel so happy and excited to become cherished members of INTEL Institute after school. Students think it's a golden opportunity to be able to study at this place since they acquire much knowledge, learn many things, and get rich experience. So, I too would like to express my gratitude to INTEL for giving me so much through valuable studies. Very important to all of us were the entrance exam question sets alongside the extra knowledge and useful information given. Its teachers, managers, and friendly supporters help us achieve success in little time . . .

Ojas Sapkota

School – Galaxy
College – St. Xavier's

The Best Institute of Nepal

The Best Institute Every year, post-SEE students from all over the country are ever so glad to join INTEL during their vacation instead of wasting precious time. Evidently, this place is most disciplined and classes or tests are held regularly without any let-up. Punctuality and decency is their nonnegotiable norm. All this makes us do the right things . . . Amazingly, I too started liking their strict environment which keeps every student serious, focused, and selfdisciplined. I became much more self-assured and competitive. This is the time when teenagers like us can go on a wrong path but the environment of INTEL is just perfect for everyone in every way. You cannot but do well!

Prahlad Sah

School – Monastic SEC BS
College – SOS

Great Environment

An all-round educational experience is what describes the INTEL Bridge Course! This is why it is one of the finest institutes for young students to learn, explore, and achieve. There is a pleasant environment where approachable teachers stimulate the teaching-learning process. The INTEL management focuses on their excellent Course but also encourages games and sports. It is a wonderful experience to be among a community of enthusiastic learners. Two months here taught us many things, especially punctuality. I learned many things about various subjects and general knowledge. Essentially, we got priceless knowledge which we'll treasure throughout our lives. We acquired knowledge, information, and skills beyond our expectation – So will YOU!

Benju Baral

School – LA
College – St. Xavier's

Learn – Practise – Achieve

Truly, INTEL is a great place for learning, and exploring the vast ocean of knowledge through application and practice . . . This well-known institution, popular and effective, helped me choose the best pathway in order to make my life successful. It made me fully aware about challenges faced by students in academics. With its responsive, brilliant teachers I learned much for doing well in Grade XI! Importantly, the well-organized Institute nurtures self-management in its students, It also conducts various ECAs at different intervals making our studies rather interesting. So, in my opinion, INTEL is one of the best places to study, gain skills & knowledge, and ace difficult Entrance Exams.

Dristi Devkota

School – Daffodil Public
College – Budhanilkantha

Become Self-Disciplined . . .

While I think that I am a most fortunate teenager to get knowledge from INTEL Institute, it was also an exacting period of my life! The happy moments here were interspersed among keen studies, constant alertness, and frequent testing. Yet, I'm grateful to the institute for providing great inputs, and, even more importantly, for making me really self-disciplined. What I learned here is what I'll never forget in my life! This is because of all the hard, regular work I had to do during the bridge course, the strict rules implemented by the great management, and the Saturday tests with prizes. And, of course, thanks to all the teachers. Thanks INTEL!

Binaya Sharma

School – Gorkha United
College – Budhanilkantha 2

Learn to Achieve

After my SLC examination I was rather confused about choosing the best Bridge Course institute for entrance preparation so that I could successfully pursue my further studies. Luckily, I found INTEL which taught the best ways of learning & expressing my views! INTEL provides the basics of our educational requirements and makes us practise in a manner that matches exactly with what we are likely to face at college. This is its key strength. Moreover, its teachers are friendly and caring which helps us learn better. Here we learn much without any discomfort . . . Actually, this place has a most homely & welcoming environment making the two-month period most fruitful for youngsters.

Sofia Shrestha

School – Gyanodaya EBS
College – SOS

My Best Days

Truly, the first day I entered INTEL was the best day of my life! At first, on entering the class, I was pretty nervous because my friends were not with me and I didn't know how to talk with all the new students and reputed teachers. But, I was wrong! Happily so!! The institute gave me just the environment I was looking for: To study seriously and to learn things thoroughly in the practical sense. The friends we made here are the best friends that I'll ever have – and, importantly, the finest students of Nepal. So, I am very proud to say that I am an INTEL student and I am really going to miss the fantastic time we all had there.

Nabindra Ruwali

School - Children Park
College - St. Xavier's (A Levels)

A Wonderful Institute

INTEL is a fantastic institute! It is not only simply the finest establishment for a bridge course but also a beautiful place where post-SEE students take their first steps to a bright educational future. Within a few weeks, this organization gave me much knowledge and made me courageous enough to take on challenges. During these exclusive courses, they organize superb extracurricular & co-curricular activities such as essay writing competitions & sports contests. I'd recommend all students – especially those coming to Kathmandu for higher education – to join INTEL because this is the best place for anyone wanting to gain entry into top colleges.

Pratistha Bastola

School – Triyog
College – St Xavier's

Become Self-Disciplined . . .

While I think that I am a most fortunate teenager to get knowledge from INTEL Institute, it was also an exacting period of my life! The happy moments here were interspersed among keen studies, constant alertness, and frequent testing. Yet, I'm grateful to the institute for providing great inputs, and, even more importantly, for making me really self-disciplined. What I learned here is what I'll never forget in my life! This is because of all the hard, regular work I had to do during the bridge course, the strict rules implemented by the great management, and the Saturday tests with prizes. And, of course, thanks to all the teachers. Thanks INTEL!

Aaradhya Acharya

School – Paragon Public
College – St Xavier's (A Levels)

Most Reliable

After the completion of their SEE, most students face all sorts of doubts. They don't quite know what is appropriate, or what is inappropriate, for themselves in the many study choices available. Nowadays, though there is the provision of myriad bridge courses almost everywhere, students could be trapped into wrong selection thereby damaging their future. Frankly, for me, INTEL institute is the most reliable place for the post-SEE bridge course, an essential input for ALL students. The teachers who teach here are highly qualified, and the books which are provided by this cherished institution are very beneficial. The time between SEE and college life is like a bridge that must be crossed wisely. Everyone ought to do so here!

Chetana Subedi

School – St Mary's
College – St Xavier's

An Exceptional Experience

When I passed my SEE examination, my elder sister strongly advised me to join the Bridge Course at this institute. Still, I visited many institutes with my companions searching for the best options. We found INTEL to be far, far better than all the others! Honestly, in the beginning, shy and silent that I used to be, it took me some time to adjust. But due to the way they handle things, I soon became an extrovert of sorts and started to enjoy the grand company of Nepal's best post-SEE students. The polite environment here encourages every student to be well-mannered. Summing up, INTEL is unique.

Bidyapati Mishra

School – Janaki SS
College – SOS

Education for Excellence

I think INTEL is an excellent example of a perfect institute for every student post-SEE. The Institute guides each student towards assured academic success by fostering hidden talent. Within a friendly & homely environment, its qualified teachers and supportive staff provide phenomenal support to students through scholastic supervision & personal mentoring. So, if you're confused about choosing the right institute & the right course for clearing Entrance Examinations for Grade XI in top colleges, don't hesitate: Select INTEL Institute! Just come here, and feel the change in yourself as you progress academically.

Diwash Baniya

School – Fluorescent
College – St Xavier's (Also selected for SOS)

Unforgettable Moments!

INTEL is the best institute that I've ever chosen. It can safely be considered as the Nepal's most reputed institution for doing post-SEE Bridge Courses. This memorable place is a museum of information & a library of knowledge stored in the minds of its fabulous reaching faculty – the educational veterans of Kathmandu! Their team of teachers comprises the top personnel of reputed colleges or other institutions. They teach in a manner that the course contents get embedded in your minds forever. If one does well, the INTEL Scholarship Scheme will award you suitably! Without any hesitation, I'd say that INTEL offers the best Bridge Course for 100% student success!!!

Rohit Panjiyar

School – Monastic HSS
College – St Xavier's

Our Finest Days

INTEL Institute is a boon for post-SEE students because of its Bridge Courses. Most approachable, this institute is located in the heartland of Kathmandu Valley – Bagbazar. It has super facilities – ranging from the provision of clean, unlimited drinking water to playgroup activities after classes – alongside spacious, well-ventilated classrooms. Its Science Bridge Course prepares us for entrance examinations assisting in getting admission and scholarships in top colleges. The Institute also fosters academic skills vital for our higher studies. Daily monitoring and regular assessment hones the abilities of its students who are often the toppers of schools all over Kathmandu and even Nepal.

Satkirti Bista

School – GEMS
College – St Xavier's (Also selected for SOS)

Hearty Thanks!

A word about my ordinary background: I'm from a developing district – Kapilvastu – average schooling, average family. After my SEE, I didn't know where to study for the hard entrance examinations. Luckily, I got to know about INTEL Institute, famed for its peerless Bridge Course and for creating future opportunities seen or unseen. Above all, I thank this institute heartily for building my educational foundation so thoroughly that I managed to compete confidently with complete success! Many thanks go to its teachers who are most understanding, conscientious human beings. Hopefully, this will not be the last word about my future success that started at INTEL!

Bigyan Pradhan

School – LA
College – St Xavier's

The Topper Twins Tell Us That . . .

Guys, most honestly, joining INTEL is a step you MUST take without thinking twice! Significantly, I got to study, and collaborate, with an incredibly talented community at INTEL, a completely different edu-world in itself. This did help me to thrive academically apart from getting to know myself. Further, I made many friends here and also learned many things – curricular, extracurricular, and co-curricular – which wouldn't have been possible in another institute. So, I urge you to join the Bridge Course here as it's the best place for you and the Course is perfectly designed and conducted for near-certain success as you compete in pretty problematic college entrance tests. You'll have nothing to regret by joining this unrivaled institute and utilizing every opportunity it offers so plentifully . . . . Success is an inevitable fact at INTEL!

Sakar & Savar Balampaki

School: Vinayak English HSS

A Great Experience!

I'd like to thank INTEL for all that it did for me! Because of this great place of learning, I could easily raise my academic proficiency level, improve my capacity to understand subject matter, and become a really punctual student. Their classes are conducted formally & regularly – even on Saturdays! This makes us committed to our studies. The team of expert teachers is most supportive throughout this study period. Students find the environment here competitive yet friendly. Most of us know it is the best institute in Kathmandu for the Bridge Course. In fact, we all benefit from counseling about successfully preparing for various competitive entrance tests & choosing the right educational pathways.

Mimamsha Dhungel

School - LRI
College - St. Xavier's

The Right Place

INTEL really has been a pleasant experience for me and I am glad that I chose this topmost institute. I developed my personality: From a shy person to an extrovert. Among the mass of students here, for me learning was fun-filled and beneficial. Certainly, it is the right place for every student awaiting his or her Grade 10 (SEE) results while preparing for the tough Grade 11 entrance tests of reputed colleges. The Courses provided here are very helpful. They provide various opportunities to enhance one's knowledge & skills. The INTEL family tolerates but corrects our academic mistakes; it shares our thoughts & addresses our interests & needs during this crucial period of our transformation.

Birat Poudel

School – VS Niketan
College – St. Xavier's

A World of Scholastic Competition!

We all remember our first day at INTEL when we had one of the greatest experiences of our young lives. Here, we realized we had truly entered the world of scholastic competition . . . Why do good students prefer INTEL? This Institute gives the best opportunity to bridge the gap between SLC and +2 or an equivalent level. Its teachers are extremely proficient and most caring. Significantly, the committed, and courageous, INTEL management held these crucial classes perfectly during the ongoing tremors after the devastating April 2015 earthquake. This is to express my deep thanks to, and admiration for, this leading Bridge Course institution and to recommend strongly that every sincere student must join INTEL after the SLC exams to prepare successfully for tough college entrance tests.

Hricha Aryal

School - Nava Jyoti
College – SOS

The Perfect Environment

Undoubtedly, INTEL provided me the perfect environment I was looking for post-SLC. We got a valuable glimpse of +2 education and effectively revised whatever we had learned up to Class 10. The Bridge Course served as a perfect formula for our academic success and assured our entry into the colleges of our choice – for me St. Xavier's! All in all, the delicate transitional period after high school that I spent at this top institute will surely bear fruit in the years to come . . .

Abhinit Anand

School – VS Niketan
College – St. Xavier's

Top Management

Being a part of INTEL, I think I truly utilized my long holidays after the SLC examinationin the best possible manner. In my opinion, it is the paramount Institution in Nepalfor post-SLC students that provides excellent, well-managed courses for spendingour free time advantageously.With its well-equipped infrastructure and well-facilitated teaching-learning methodology, INTEL gives students appropriate, concentrated knowledge for passingany entrance exam of any college. The institution, managed by a superb acclaimedteam, encourages enriching relations among students, and others, within a strictcircle of positive discipline and academic productivity.Choosing the INTEL Bridge Course for entrance exam preparation, and success, is obviously a superlative decision!

Sudikshya Panta

School – LRI
College – St. Xavier's

INTEL Institute Bridge Course

INTEL from my elders, I joined this institution to do a Bridge Course. I am very glad to have done so! Definitely, it is an outstanding place for getting the right information, the right advice, and the right study packages. As a rule, teachers here are highly talented and very positive. They know what precisely is lacking in students and what should be done to remedy such weakness.

Sarwagya Khanal

School: Sainik Awasiya Mahavidhyala
College: St. Xavier's (A-Level)

Excellent Bridge Course Packages

INTEL runs excellent Bridge Course packages - the best in Nepal - Please Note!- for post-SLC students. The Course helps not only in academics but also inextra-curricular activities and personality development.Since almost two decades, it has been providing different courses, particularlyAdvanced Science Course and Advanced Management Course. This BridgeCourse brilliantly joins the course of SLC and that of the HSEB +2. If there was no INTEL, students would find it most difficult to do +2 Science or Management!Their extraordinary teachers make us assimilate key concepts and link them coherently to numerous facts of each chapter of a subject covered. It is a wellknown fact that students who have done the Bridge Course at this institute have performed rather well in the tough entrance exams of reputed colleges.Some of them even won full scholarships! Thank you INTEL

Devesh Jha

School: Budhanilkantha
Colleges: St. Xavier's/Budhanilkantha/SOS Sent up Topper

Thanks INTEL!!!

To tell you the truth, I'm exceedingly happy having been a Bridge Course student of INTEL institute! Actually, I realized there alone what it is to be fully into education. No wonder I imbibed much knowledge - essentials I had not known before . . . Helpful far beyond my expectations, this is a perfect institute for post-SLC students wishing to do a Bridge Course. Really, I must thank INTEL for the special knowledge I got and the extra-edge it gave me. Above all, I found the right things any student needs to know from teachers, especially how to study effectively.

Rochak Gautam

School: Galaxy
College: St. Xavier's

A Friend Told Me about INTEL

Like most others, I was terribly confused about which institute I should join after my SLC to prepare for entrance exams. A friend of mine, by chance, told me about INTEL. Young students believe in their peers! So hearing this I too chose INTEL - an absolutely correct choice! - for studying better than elsewhere and soon found the Bridge Course there really interesting. Alongside, I made friends and interacted with all the nice teachers. It turned out to be a superb experience!

Susmita Lamsal

School: Dhading BHS
College: St. Xavier's