KUUMAT stands for Kathmandu University Undergraduate Management Admission Test. The test is produced by Kathmandu University and is administered by Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM). KUUMAT is the first phase test of admission test for students willing to study at Kathmandu University in management programs (BBA, BBIS and BHTM). After passing KUUMAT, the candidates will be eligible to apply for admission in KUSOM and its affiliated colleges.

Components of KUUMAT:

- Verbal Comprehension 3 papers (sentence correction, critical reasoning and reading comprehension)
- Quantitative Assessment (two papers on problem solving, and one paper on data sufficiency)

The courses of KUUMAT at Intel are based on general SAT, SAT mathematics test as per the format of Kathmandu University. This test is quite tough and getting admission at KU affiliated colleges is very competitive. Intel will guide you throughout your preparation. Furthermore, we will furnish you the study materials and carry out the weekly tests to enable you to track your progress and boost up your confidence.


Trishan Shrestha
School: LRI
College: St. Xavier’s

A Great Period!

It's always incredible being at INTEL Institute! Its extremely informative science course is just superb, and I really like their teaching pattern and congenial environment. Weekly model tests inspire students to study concentradedly to get better marks. Politeness, care, and helpfulness mark its teachers, coordinators, and staff. Here, discipline matters, especially punctuality. This institution makes post-SEE students really eligible for higher studies. Strengthening our school learning, the knowledge we acquire is really beneficial. Being a part of INTEL makes me feel great, and this thought motivates me to become more effective in whatever I attempt. Credit goes to this place for shaping me so well